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Shiptechnics B.V.
Smokkelhoekweg 13
4421 JH Kapelle

T +31 (0) 113-344924
F +31 (0) 113-344918
M +31 (0) 653-215709
E mail@shiptechnics.nl


» Inland shipping
» Fishing ships
» Short sea shipping
» Sea going ships
» Offshore
» Dive support
» Subsea technology

Company profile

Shiptechnics b.v. was established in 1991, serving the professional maritime world. Base is Holland, but we are operating worldwide.

We know our markets. Continuity and reliability are major items.

Our team of experienced and well-trained engineers are qualified for any project, small or large, on board of inland ships, dredgers, fishing ships, sea going vessels and offshore installations. Fault finding, repair, renewal or new build, our goal is to be the best. We are focused on continuity of our clients systems for long term