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Shiptechnics B.V.
Smokkelhoekweg 13
4421 JH Kapelle

T +31 (0) 113-344924
F +31 (0) 113-344918
M +31 (0) 653-215709
E mail@shiptechnics.nl


» Inland shipping
» Fishing ships
» Short sea shipping
» Sea going ships
» Offshore
» Dive support
» Subsea technology


We are well experienced in electrical installations, electrical drives, electrical automation and alarm systems.

We engineer and implement new systems, repair and rebuild existing installation, but through the years we even have build up a reputation in fault finding and repair. For service requests we can be reached day and night, our engineers are ready to follow up worldwide.

Different types of cranes on board of ships or shore side has been equipped by our controls. We even install radio remote controls, load measurement systems, control automation and camera systems.
For winches and cranes in hazardous areas we have engineered and build controls systems with wired control and radio remote control.